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Sunday, July 25, 2004

R.I.P. Ronald Sukenick, who left us on 22 July 04. Postmodernism couldn't have imploded without you.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Brief Rants About Cheney, Kerry/Edwards, Fag Drama, and My Inability to Travel At Will

Yeah, it's been a while since I posted, and God knows if anybody even looks at this Blog in summer, but well whatever . . . My computer died, I moved into a new place, I changed jobs, and I have been hanging out with a guy too young for me (again). This is what happens.

But first. Mr. Cheney the Charismatic: "Do you want to hear this speech or not?" I do not! Man, if there are still people dumb enough to applaud your ass, you better fucking let them applaud. Yeah, they're dumb. They support you. And if they still support you after a crack at them like you made, then, well, maybe you deserve to win again. I hope not, though. I really want to believe that even earnest American dimbulbs can eventually detect pure evil at some point, and you, sir, are it.

Kerry/Edwards: What a raging pile of Blah. Neither populist nor particularly liberal. I hate that I feel like I have to vote for them. I have never been wild about Kerry, and I have hated Edwards for some considerable time (and I "wasted" my Montana vote on Kucinich, brave soul that I am)...ugh ugh ugh. "We really want your vote, Gay America! But we don't quite believe you should be granted equal rights. But vote for us anyway!" Fuck you! And: Damnit, I have to vote for you. What kind of a fucked up system is this anyway? I have no eloquence to use on this.

Fags. I usually use this term loosely, both jovially and derisively, even though I am, you know, one of them. I see that the fellow who dumped me back in early April has an updated profile on Yahoo! Personals with an incorrect age and what has to be an incorrect income. I am not so much annoyed by any of that as I am annoyed that he lists psychology as something he finds part of a good discussion. What this guy knows about psychology wouldn't help a lobotomized crawdad, but good luck to you, pal. Ugh. And the hilariously campy guy I've been hanging around lately evidently has an estranged partner who has been out of town, and they don't apparently have the open relationship I was told (by Hilariously Campy Guy) they had (note: never believe someone who says he's in an "open relatiosnhip"). That, friends, is annoying. Are all the interesting, uncluttered homos just completely out of my income bracket or what? Not that Bozeman, MT, is the mecca for such a search anyway. On a sadder, more surreal note--last week while attempting to be part of birthday festivities for a young gay acquaintance, said young gay acquaintance, tanked up on hooch, fled to a fifth-floor window and tried to fling himself out of it. This guy just turned 23 and learned recently he has HIV. Stunningly sad news at any age, of course, but especially for someone so young, I think. While two friends held onto him in the window frame, I called 911. What sickens me is that the police took a statement from me but not from the two guys holding the kid inside the window...the police did not escort the kid out of the building...and the kid went back downstairs to drink! Both my friend and I explained to the bar owner what had just happened and that we wished he would cut the birthday boy off from booze...yet the bar owner continued to serve him. Just disgusting. Additionally, one of this kid's "friends," offered him drugs to "make him feel better," and his roommate, who had arrived to take him home, decided she'd rather have drinks herself. Sheesh. Now, fags, listen: I understand where a lot of yer drama comes from, but if you want to be taken seriously, you're gonna have to try to deal with your shit in better ways unless you're just fine with all those straight idiots deciding you really are all those fucking stereotypes they think anyway.

My newish job is prohibiting me from making it to Eugene and the Oregon Country Fair this year, and I am blue about that. My trip to the Fair last summer was easily one of the bright spots of my entire year, so if you get to go this year, plant a little hand-kiss on the trees for me, eh? I'll be there in spirit, baby.

Bedtime for Bonzo.

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